May 25, 2022

How to create an invisible folder on your Computer

If you’re in the habit of saving everything to the desktop, there might be some folders which you’d rather friends, family or unauthorized parties didn’t see. If you still want them to be quickly accessible from the home screen though, you’ll need to create an invisible folder.

What is an invisible folder?

As the name suggests, an invisible folder is a folder that doesn’t appear to exist, but is in fact cleverly disguised on the desktop.

The icon in question will need to be unnamed and not have any picture, but fortunately there’s a way to do this.

Steps to create an invisible folder

  1. Go to Start Menu And Search “Character Map” and open it
  2. Scroll Down and choose a “Blank Box
  3. Now click on “Select” and then click on “Copy
  4. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose New – Folder, rename it and paste the selection
  5. Then create another new folder without a name, this appears with the text highlighted so you can rename it. Hold the Alt key while you type ”255” into the numeric keypad, which will ensure the name is now invisible.
  6. Right-click the folder and choose ‘Properties
  7. In the window that appears head to the ”Customize” tab. Under ”Folder icons” click the button which says “Change icon” …’.
  8. Lots of different icons are available to choose from, one of which is an invisible icon [Blank icon]
  9. Click “OK” to apply and then “OK” again to exit the Properties menu. 

NOTE: It’s worth noting that this method is far from secure, as anyone could inadvertently click on the icon on the desktop and display the secret information. If that’s your top priority, we’d recommend you always lock your machine when you step away from it, never ever leave your machine unattended when you are walking away from it even if you are just going to the toilet, as a lot can happen at that moment, practice these things from the very get-go and form it into a habit so that it will stay with you.

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