May 25, 2022

How yahoo boys make Video Calls with clients using Video cloning App

(Video cloning app) Even the Bible tells how unwise it is for a man to begin a building project without first considering the cost. He stands the rest of not completing it

Features of video cloning app

Likewise the business of yahoo yahoo or Internet fraud, you don’t jump into it without your tools. You WILL NEVER SUCCEED.

This article is talking on one of the most important tools of all, a software called the Video Cloning Application.

This application is very scarce be wise of its power.

The functionality of this working tool takes technology to another level. It is an application used in making video calls, but this one allows you to alter the video visual.

Because of its power the video cloning application is quite expensive as it is rare. If you happen to come across the appropriate version online be sure it would NOT be sold for less than $300 dollars (minus the monthly subscription fee).

However, Nigerian hackers and programmers have been able to work on that. They have been able to remove the subscription package. They call their version the Cracked Version and it is a miracle software.

Like the original cloning application, you cannot find this cracked version anywhere. Very few developers and computer wizards have it.

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You can get both the cracked and uncracked version now at affordable prices of #35,000 and #25,000 (Thirty Five Thousand Naira and Twenty Five Thousand Naira) from a recommended programmer if you are interested contact us. The video cloning application allows you to make your regular video calls, but this time it gives you the option to either use your real face or the face of another person.

Finally the features of the video cloning App once purchased

  • You can set it as your default video call (it works on Skype, hangout, Imo, and many other media. They are working on decrypting whatsapp video call to enable it function there too?
  • Once installed, the application allows you upload photos on it. These photos should be pictures of people whose faces you want to take during calls. You check a particular picture and click on USE THIS PHOTO.
  • For the uncracked version, only a maximum of two photos can be uploaded monthly. You can change the photos when you renew your subscription.
  • The cracked version allows you to upload up to 100 pictures. There is no subscription required here.
  • Unlike the uncracked version which works only on systems (laptops), the cracked version is designed to function on Android phones, iOS, apple devices like iPhones, laptops, tabs etc. But it eats up a lot of space so your phone must be of high density otherwise do not install.
  • Once you have uploaded the images, select one as your profile photo and click on USE THIS PHOTO. Whoever calls you then will see the face of the person on your profile picture instead of yours.
  • What drives people crazy about this app is that the lips of the picture you choose will move in perfect synch with what you are saying. Even the eye lash, eyebrows, tongue, teeth will seem the same.
  • Remember to always keep your face focused on the camera
  • The video software does not come with magic voice so you need to train your voice yourself. You can download Google voice changer to help with that.

Still on the video cloning app

Those interested in the software should email contact us for your copy at a subsidized rate.

This application has helped a lot of G boys and Gee girls bill their clients. With it you do not need to delve into yahoo plus and carry out those disgusting rituals and wear irritating charms.

White people love to make video calls. It assures them that they are not chatting with a scammer. Once they see your face and communicate with you via video conversation you have automatically won their trust.

It becomes easy to dupe them.

Ever wondered How peoples are passing selfie & ID verification with cloning software?

Well the game is easy, nothing much.

Install Crazytalk free software from internet or any similar 3D animator will work. Use the portrait picture which you used in DL. 

From the crazytalk software you can make the face moving of a picture. I’m attaching 2 kinda video tutorial with this article. 

Video tutorial: 



After that, export it or screen-record the moving face. 

Now install manycam or similar software. They turn your webcam to any custom videos you need. Setup the manycam 

(Some settings need to be done, you can learn from YouTube) 

After that, add the face moving Video to manycam software

At verification page when it opens camera, manycam will work as the camera. you can use or set the picture or any video on your choice that you want to show.

So at while verification, when it ask for camera verification, manycam will open instead of webcam and will play the video or photo you inserted. 

when you put face moving video, they will recognise as real and will verify you. Also to upload DL you can use the same way. 

Note: Am not in any way promoting online fraud or what so ever, please dont misinterpret my Article. be very conscious of who you meet, trust and send money online, am just during my job as a freelancer.

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  1. This stuff is the bomb..I never thought such things works like magic. Thanks Boss

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